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Turkish firm launches yacht management software

January 12, 2021
Atlantis Global Management

FOMCS will be unveiled at the TYBA Yacht Charter Show in May

Atlantis Global Management Information Systems S.A. of Turkey has launched a new yacht management software platform, (Fleet Operation Management Control System), aimed at everyone from yacht owners, charter companies, yacht managers and brokers to yacht agencies and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Founded in 2020 by Leonidas Tsiropoulos and Itir Ipekel Tsiropoulos, Atlantis Global’s expertise is in producing software for the marine industry. “Many software packages are available with only one focus in the sector, but FOMCS was created with a single goal – all in one. And we achieved that,” says Leonidas Tsiropoulos, whose background spans more than 30 years in the shipping and maritime industries.

“Instead of a company having different software to serve its operational needs, we give the possibility to have one software and to be able to develop dynamically.”

FOMCS users can register and create an account online according to their current needs and can upgrade at any time. Some of the features include yacht administration and management, charter offers – option and bookings, yacht sales, yacht maintenance management, crew management and more.

FOMCS software also interconnects with online portals and marketplaces for online bookings and yacht sales worldwide via a unique and user-friendly platform.

Atlantis Global will join the 3rd TYBA Yacht Charter Show from 6-10 May 2022 at D-Marin Göcek in Turkey where it will present the new FOMCS software package to charter professionals.

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